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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Vote to stop the BNP

Today I had two more BNP leaflets through my letter-box. I think that makes 8 in total. They are clearly targetting Skipton in the hope to maximise votes for the European elections. Contrast the 8 BNP leaflets with an average of two from the other parties (one local, one European) and in fact no Liberal Democrat or UKIP at all yet.

I was pleased to see the editor of the Craven Herald in his editorial this week echoing points I made in a letter to the paper the previous week (scroll down to 'fascism threat').

Let's not forget what the BNP are actually all about.

Monday, 18 May 2009

North Yorkshire County Council Elections June 4th 2009

This June we are contesting all seven seats in the Craven area in the North Yorkshire County Council elections.

Your Labour candidates are:

James Austin - Ribblesdale

Robert Battison - South Craven

James Black - Mid Craven

Christine Brackley - North Craven

Graeme Hitchen - Airedale

Peter Madeley - Skipton West

Duncan Hall - Skipton East

Please pose questions to any of our candidates in the comments section below and we will endeavour to answer you as soon as possible.

This year we are standing on:

· Protecting our environment
· Improving public transport and road safety
· Excellent education for all and fair access
· Commitment to recycling
· Sound finances and responsible local government

We urge everybody to vote in the County Council and European elections. A low turnout helps the fascist BNP.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Election results and analysis

Well - obviously it's a been a bad day for Labour nationally. What about in Craven District? Well the headline won't sound good - we came last in every ward we contested. But it was definitely a worthwhile exercise. We have shown that Labour is back in Craven, and we gave Labour voters somebody to vote for. 843 of them across the five wards, indeed.

206 of those voters were in Cowling, where Paul Routledge got a very respectable 30% of the vote. Ted Saunders in Settle and Bob Holland in Aire Valley and Lothersdale got solid votes of 178 and 177 respectively. Surprisingly fewer people voted Labour in Skipton itself, although this was largely down to turnout. Chris Rose secured 10% of the vote in Skipton East, and Duncan Hall got 21% of the vote in Skipton South (this was only 163 votes because the turnout was a very disappointing 27%).

There's a lot for us to think about. Obviously national trends played a big part in the results. But we will also take account of what voters have been telling us over the last few weeks, and we will be back next time, stronger, and I predict we'll take a couple of wards.

Friday, 25 April 2008

Online Local Policy Forum Part Three: EDUCATION

The current system of admissions to Grammar Schools in Skipton is unfair.We know of anxious parents buying private tuition for 7-yr-olds, to gain admission. We suggest North Yorkshire County Council consults with the public urgently about this unfair system and how to improve it.

Online Local Policy Forum Part Two: PUBLIC TRANSPORT


The Labour Government has modernised the rail system after decades of Tory neglect and introduced free bus fares for pensioners. Now we want North Yorkshire County Council (under Tory control) to subsidise rail fares so that Craven commuters pay lower fares to Keighley, Leeds & Bradford- as are available now in West Yorkshire.

This would reduce pollution, save money for passengers,help tourism and reduce road traffic.

Online Local Policy Forum Part One: POVERTY

Despite unemployment being low, "Income Levels are substantially below the national average".
(Craven Council's own planning document of Nov. 2007)
Many staff in retail and distribution,hotels and restaurants,agriculture, call centres, and construction are poorly paid. Few of our skilled young people stay here for work.The Council has shown no interest in addressing this situation.
In the age-groups 20-40 Craven has a far lower proportion of population than national average. Employers say there are recruitment problems because of high price of housing.Labour Government has compelled Craven to start Rented Housing. But this Council still wants to keep landowners happy.

LABOUR WOULD act in 2 ways.
a)We would provide MORE HOUSES TO LET at reasonable rents from Housing Associations. This would encourage highly qualified young people to come, in turn attracting more High-Tech. employers into the area.
b) We would change current planning policies, to encourage more skilled employment

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Five Go Electioneering

Skipton and Ripon's very own Famous Five are contesting wards in the Craven District Council on 1 May.

Ted Saunders is contesting Settle and Ribblebanks
Duncan Hall is contesting Skipton South
Chris Rose is contesting Skipton East
Paul Routledge is contesting Cowling
Robert Holland is contesting Aire Valley and Lothersdale

If you live in one of these areas and would like to get in touch with your Labour Party candidate, raise a local issue or ask a question, please use the 'comment' facility below.